Ivelisse del Carmen is a singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico. She recorded her first album “Amor y Tierra” in 2013. Her unique style successfully combines her classical training, Latino rhythms and influences from Spain and Latin America (Bolero, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova). 

This crossover of modern and classical with influences from both sides of the Atlantic permeates both her own compositions and her very personal arrangements of Spanish and Latin American songs. 

Her music has been defined as “fun and energizing” and “uplifting”, but also as “sexy and seductive” and “mysterious and alluring”. The audiences particularly enjoy her impressive warm and stylish vocals, the upbeat rhythm that makes you want to dance, and the way the tempo speeds up and slows down with unexpected changes of pace throughout her songs. 

The heart-warming and punchy feel of her music, uplifting and mellow at the same time, will probably be one of the most contrasting experiences you can find.